Local Emergency Planning Committee:

HazMat Response
HazMat Response
702 Main Street,
Pineville Missouri  64856

Next LEPC Meeting: August 11th @ 11:30 am @ Sidewinders 

Mike Hall, Chairman

Bryan Hall

Clerk of the LEPC

The LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee) was formed under the federal guidelines dealing with hazardous materials and hazardous chemical release.  The Community Right to Know Act makes sure information is available to the public about hazardous chemicals stored in their area.   Each industry whether a chicken plant, city government, or gas station that has a hazardous substance has has to file a Tier II form with the State of Missouri and with McDonald County LEPC. The Tier II forms have information on them of who to contact in an emergency and what the hazardous materials are that the company has on hand. This information aids the emergency response community when responding to the company.  Any time there is an accidental release from one of these companies it must be reported to the LEPC. This information is then made available to the public.

The main duty of the LEPC is to make sure that companies file their Tier II reports and that they report any release to the LEPC. The LEPC is also responsible for the hazardous materials emergency response plan for McDonald County.   The LEPC also receives money back from the state to help with the planning and training needs of the first response community.  Classes will be offered by the LEPC dealing with chemical related emergencies. The LEPC meets 4 times a year.

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