Mission Statement

The McDonald County Office of Emergency Management is responsible for the development of the McDonald County Emergency Operations Plan. The Emergency Management Agency will coordinate the actions of County and Local agencies in the event of any emergency. The Emergency Management Agency is also tasked with the coordination of requests for state and federal resources when the needs arise from a “disaster” situation.

The McDonald County Office of Emergency Management responds to two different types of disasters, natural and manmade. Natural disasters include major snow and/or ice storms, floods, tornadoes, severe weather, severe heat and/or humidity, major epidemics, any other major event that poses a threat to the well being of the persons within McDonald County. The second type of disaster is manmade; this includes technological emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, radiological, biological, and chemical emergencies, as well as large-scale criminal acts. The agencies primary responsibilities are to coordinate the mitigation, preparedness, and recovery of the county and the residents within McDonald County. The Office of Emergency Management operates under the authority of the McDonald County Commission and Chapter 44 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri.


McDonald County Emergency Management is here to Prepare, Protect, and Respond to the citizens of McDonald County before, during, and after an emergency.
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