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Gregg The McDonald County Emergency Management Director is Gregg Sweeten.  Gregg started his service in emergency services in 1981 in Ottawa County Oklahoma.  Gregg was the director of the Picher Civil Defense unit and a member in the Ottawa County Civil Defense until 1993 when he came to McDonald County.  Gregg was appointed as Director of Emergency Management by the McDonald County Commission on December 1st , 1995.  Gregg has went from a volunteer position to a full time director.  Gregg has an extensive background in emergency services and disaster management.  In 2009 Gregg's position with emergency management was made full time through the help of the Emergency Management Performance Grant which pays half of the office expense and salary.  Gregg continues to serve the citizens in McDonald County. The Deputy Director is Robert Drake, Robert also has an extensive background in emergency services.  Robert was just appointed as the Emergency Manager for the City of Pineville. Operations Officers for the agency are Don Ruby and Mike Hall.  Both of these guys have an extensive background in all aspects of emergency services. Gregg has just completed a series of training classes that has earned him a certificate in Emergency Mangement Professional Development. Gregg is working towards becoming a Certified Emergency Manager thru the State of Missouri.

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